The Dream Practice Academy 


A 12-month program to master your private practice business plan, learn integrative psychiatry, and build your dream career making the kind of impact that transforms your patients' lives. 


A Psychiatry Career Mentorship Program that teaches you how to offer highly effective integrative psychiatric care and build wealth authentically while surrounded by a community of like-minded practitioners.




I empower psychiatrists, PMHNPs, and other mental health prescribers like you to leave their soul-sucking jobs (or to never have to take those jobs in the first place) and start their own integrative psychiatry practice that:


+ Capitalizes on their unique strengths

+ Provides complete autonomy, financial abundance, and joy

+ Offers a level of care that transforms their patients lives

+ And gets results like THIS:

“I made more than 10X back on my initial investment on your mentorship program in the first 6 months of joining. I now understand that what I bring to the table is uniquely different from most other psychiatrists.”
-- Dream Practice Academy Member
“I’m charging 3X more than what I did when I started this program; I was charging $350 for an intake, and $150 for follow-up appointments. Now I’m charging $1,000 for an intake, and $325 for follow-ups. That’s over a $200K difference in just one year.”
-- Dream Practice Academy Member
"I had a micro practice prior to joining the program and the program helped me grow from ~8-10 patients to 45-50 patients in less than a year with minimal admin work. This has been phenomenal for my enjoyment of my private practice. I feel energized and joyful towards my private practice most weeks. I do the exact type and amount of work I want to do and it feels AWESOME."
-- Dream Practice Academy Member

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Here's the program at a glance: 


  1. I teach you how to build your VALUE by offering treatment modalities outside of just medication 
  2. I teach you how to become VISIBLE to a network of patients who are actively searching for a provider just like you 
  3. I teach you to become VALUED by those patients, and effectively convert them to your practice by speaking to the outcomes you provide 
  4. I teach you to be ENTREPRENEURIAL while growing, optimizing, and scaling a private practice that is highly profitable and seamless to operate, while keeping patient care your top priority  
  5. I teach you how to unlock the POTENTIAL, CONFIDENCE, and GROWTH you have as a mental health provider 
  6. I teach you how to build your DREAM career with limitless opportunity


I’ve structured the program in a way that will give you the best possible results. When you join my mentorship, your success becomes my success, too.


I don't just teach tactics and send you on your way, I teach strategy, supported by tactics and coaching, that will change the way you approach psychiatry and business for the rest of your career. 


The difference between enrolling in a traditional training versus my mentorship is application.

Just like in medical school (or nursing training), you can spend YEARS absorbing information via books and tests, but you don’t really know what you’re doing until you’re a resident getting guidance from an attending who's teaching you how to apply that information.

The same concept applies to building a private practice (or any business really).

You can read all of the books, watch all of the videos, but you’re not going to know exactly WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and WHEN to prioritize it (application). Until now…


 Program Structure:


  1. 10 deep-dive modules (with over 60 videos) that include start-to-finish the framework for becoming an entrepreneur, launching your private practice, and becoming a highly skilled integrative provider to work through at your own pace 
  2. Live Q&A coaching to support you as you learn and implement strategies and protocols to your own practice and patients (see sample video clips below)
  3. You will be matched with a customer success team who will create your personalized Private Practice Roadmap, so you know what to prioritize and WHEN. You will also have 4 personal 1:1 check-ins and coaching meetings with your success team over the first 12 months in the program to support you on the journey and ensure you're on track for success (optional). 
  4. You will have access to worksheets, downloads, templates, and protocols that prompt you through the learning modules
  5. You will have access to our private community forum of 125+ (and growing) like-minded integrative providers to network with and learn from  
  6. You will have access to all of the templates, talk scripts, email scripts, and standard operating procedures that I use to run my private practice
  7. You will have the opportunity to be listed as a Trusted Referral Integrative Provider on my website (I get organic search traffic from all over the U.S., and often just getting ONE patient from me as a referral can make you back your investment in the program) 

Part 1: Course Content


Module 1: Building The Framework

✅  Understand the concept of aligning making money with creating value for your patients, and a defined list of ways you will provide value above and beyond a standard of care, and a plan for setting your initial fees 

✅  Adopt the entrepreneurial concepts of “success mindset” and “just in time” information

✅  Design your appointment types that cater to the level of care you wish to provide

✅  Set your initial fee structure 

Module 2: Your Business & Admin Set-Up

"Everything laid out clear as day"

✅  Have all logistical details of your practice finalized: virtual address, tax ID/EIN, DBA (if needed), NPI, DEA license, malpractice insurance, and a business bank account 

✅  All consent forms finalized and set up in your EMR: Office Policies, Medicare Opt Out Contract, Telemedicine Consent, HIPAA Privacy Policies, and Credit Card Authorizations

 ✅  EMR and e-prescribe set-up and fully optimized for practice management: scheduling, automated emails, intake forms and consents, rating scales, and auto billing. 

✅  Compete financial audit with the tools needed to build a PROFITABLE private practice from Day 1, and how to optimize and manage a budget for future growth 


Module 3: Your Marketing Plan

✅  Develop a unique selling proposition and marketing message that will make you stand out as an integrative provider, and will make your dream patients come running to your practice

✅  Identify your niche (dream patient) and have total clarity of their problems, what they’re looking for in a provider and treatment, and how you’re uniquely positioning to serve them 

✅  Make yourself VISIBLE with an effective marketing presence

✅  Optimize your marketing and sales funnel process to attract the RIGHT type of patients 

✅  Learn how to build (from scratch) and optimize your website, Psychology Today profile and other relevant online listing sites like Google My Business, Yelp Business, ZocDoc, and Healthgrades (including personalized reviews and support from me and your success coach) 

✅  Develop a list of 10 providers and referral sources to network with an action plan on how to reach out to them (including email scripts) 

✅ Tracking set-up to monitor your daily tasks and their outcomes


Module 4: Seeing Your First Patients

✅  Know how to use “competency triggers” to convert more patients to your practice during the free consultation call

✅  Have the tools and scripts to communicate with patients that you don’t accept insurance (optional) and overcoming other common objectives on your free consultation all 

✅  Know how to pace time during your initial appointment and the balance between your need to get information with the patient’s need to be heard

✅  Be able to create a connected, warm, healing environment with your patients over video 

✅  Know how to leverage the five components of emotional intelligence to create healing experiences for your patients


Module 5: Developing Your Integrative Medicine Skills

✅  Learn the integrative psychiatry framework and how to apply highly effective protocols with your patients ASAP 

✅  How to use “medication metaphors” to help patients overcome their fears and biases with medication 

✅  How to interpret basic labs from a functional approach, and how to parse out issues that other doctors may not recognize

✅  How to recommend pharmaceutical grade supplements via Fullscript account and customizing supplements regimens  

✅  How to properly customize and apply integrative protocols, including triaging steps based on what has or hasn't worked in the past (application!!!) 

✅  Integrative protocols for the following: Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Trauma & PTSD, Adult ADHD, Bipolar Spectrum Illness, Insomnia, Women’s Mental Health, and Addiction


Module 6: Raising Fees & Generating Revenue

✅  Deep dive into my private practice revenue (exact numbers) and what’s possible for you

✅  How to reposition your services & increase your value proposition supports increasing your fees with established patients (including sample letters on how to position this to your patient panel) 

✅  The best sliding scale policies to avoid frustration and resentment, and when sliding scale can be strategic from a business perspective 

✅  How to transition your practice from insurance-based to cash-pay (and how to communicate that to your patient panel)

✅  How to perform a Private Practice Audit to optimize your patient panel, increase revenue, and improve patient results


Module 7: Setting Boundaries & Handling Common Issues

✅  How to say “no” effectively without ruining relationships

✅  How to manage the most common issues including: patients who call or email too frequently between appointments, missing appointments, are chronically late, who don’t follow the recommended treatment plan, or who don’t pay

✅  What to do when your red flag antenna goes up and you don’t want to see a potential new patient (and alternatives to declining a patient)

✅  How to safely and legally discharge a patient

✅  How to plan for vacations and when to take breaks


Module 8: Advanced Marketing Strategies

✅  Establishing yourself as an expert within your niche

✅  Learn the basics of organic search, social media, and traditional media for your practice

✅  How to use the “ladder effect” to get featured in the media (articles and podcasts) 

✅  Using social media as a sales tool and how to create highly-engaged content 

✅  How to write blog posts that rank high in SEO


Module 9: Advanced Integrative Psychiatry

✅  How to assess complex patients with medical comorbidities (thyroid disorders, chronic fatigue, inflammatory and autoimmune conditions and more)

✅  How to order and interpret genetic testing (e.g. Genomind, Genesight)

✅  How to order and interpret functional nutritional testing

✅  How to order and interpret salivary cortisol testing

✅  Integrative approach protocols for the following: GI Dysfunction, Neruoinflammaiton, Chronic and Adrenal Fatigue

✅  Understanding psychedelic-assisted therapy (so you’re ahead of the curve when psilocybin and MDMA become legal)


Module 10: Advanced Business Systems 

✅  How to eliminate, automate, or delegate all of the admin non-clinical tasks of your practice

✅  How to know WHEN to hire and how to work with a virtual assistant 

✅  How to create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that allow your practice to run smoothly  

✅  How to know when it’s time to incorporate and strategies for minimizing taxes (BONUS: I also talk about my personal investment strategy for retirement accounts) 

✅  My Business Book Library (with over 50 of my favorite game-changing business books)

Part 2: Bi-Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls


Group Q&A Coaching Calls are hosted via Zoom twice a month for all members. This is where members ask questions, work through obstacles, share practice updates, discuss cases and get supervision, and more.  All calls are recorded, time stamped, and saved on the program dashboard so you always have access to watch back even if you’re not able to attend the calls.


Here are two examples of real-time coaching and case supervision discussions in recent Q&A calls: 

Q&A Coaching: Credentialing With Insurance vs. Cash

Q&A Coaching:

Case Discussion


Part 3: Community Forum


I'm really proud to have cultivated this group of high-caliber providers that is fueling so much collaboration, belonging, growth, and success in changing the future of mental health care and psychiatry.


It's more than just our credentials that makes this group so special; it’s the accumulation of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and wealth of knowledge that brings an invaluable perspective to the program.


Here are just a few of the member attributes I’m talking about…


  • Psychiatrists who who travel to Peru every year to study Amazonian plant medicine and psychedelics
  • Providers who spent time in Australia studying holistic healing modalities with Yaqui elders
  • Published authors with several members in the process of writing books too (including me!)
  • Integrative MDs/DOs who are matching with PMHNPs who need a collaborating doc
  • Trauma-informed providers who have firsthand experience with cancer and chronic illness
  • PhD candidates (and one living abroad in Germany!)
  • Providers who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community and specialize in gender affirming care
  • Psychiatrists with ketamine clinics


The people you surround yourself with have a significant impact on your thoughts, behaviors, and ultimately, your success.

When you surround yourself with people who are action-oriented, positive, supportive, and motivated, you are much more likely to adopt those same qualities yourself.

Part 4: Success Coaching & Check-Ins


When you join the program you'll be matched to a customer success manager who will support you throughout the practice building journey. You will have direct access to your success manager via direct message, and have four 1:1 meetings throughout the first 12-months in the program for continued check-in and coaching support for all of your marketing and business operations, and to ensure you're on track with goals. 

 Now let's talk about results... 


If you’re thinking that’s a lot of information, that’s because it is.

The program is designed to be THE BEST PROGRAM THAT EXISTS AND EVER WILL EXIST to build a highly rewarding and lucrative integrative private practice. No topic is left off the table. 

And you might be thinking this all sounds great, but what are the actual results that people are seeing from the program? I’m glad you asked. 

 Watch This Interview With One of My Program Members, Geoff Tallis, MD:


Think This Can't Work With Psych NPs? Watch This Interview With Alysha Woods, PMHNP:



Watch this video to hear a few providers in the Dream Practice Academy talking to me about the return on investment they got in the program: 



Choose the tier best for you

There are three tiers of Dream Practice Academy for you to choose from depending on your learning style, preferences, and needs. Each plan comes with lifetime access to the "Light" tier features, and 12-month access to the Flagship and Premier Tier benefits. Lifetime = lifetime of the program (i.e. as long as the program exists). 

I also offer flexible funding options with monthly payment plans, and third-party that can fund up to100% of the program with more flexible terms. See more information about payment options listed below.



A "light" version without personalized support, but at lower cost.

Key Features:
  • Lifetime access to Dream Practice Academy course content, videos, worksheets, integrative protocols, and cheatsheets 
  • All recordings of past Q&A calls
  • Private Community Forum
  • DPA Integrative Psychiatry Training certification of completion 

6 month payment plan: $1,797/month

12 month payment plan: $980/month

*Additional flexible funding available with lower rates and longer terms. Submit an application to learn more.*



For those who are self-directed and want the core tools to be successful.

 All Light Features, plus access to:
  • Twice monthly live Q&A calls
  • Personalized feedback on Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Personalized feedback on all marketing initiatives including your website, Psychology Today, and more.
  • 1:1 direct message access to the customer success team
  • Listing on the "Trusted Integrative Providers" referral page of my website
  • 45 minute coaching call with Elana 

6 month payment plan: $2,347/month

12 month payment plan: $1,280/month

*Additional flexible funding available with lower rates and longer terms. Submit an application to learn more.*



For those who thrive with additional access, support & accountability.

 All Flagship Features, plus access to:
  • Personalized onboarding call
  • Personalized roadmap with timelines, goals, and direction to get started
  • Quarterly one-on-one marketing & business operations calls to optimize your practice
  • Success coaching & check ins with the customer success team
  • Direct message access to me (Elana)
  • 45 minute coaching call with Elana 
  • IntakeQ/PracticeQ EHR Audit

6 month payment plan: $3,264/month

12 month payment plan: $1,780/month

*Additional flexible funding available with lower rates and longer terms. Submit an application to learn more.*



Important Payment Information:

  • Payment includes LIFETIME access to all "light" features and 12-month access to Flagship or Premier features. Lifetime = lifetime of the program (i.e. as long as the program exists).

  • After 12 months, you can optionally continue Flagship or Premier features at a monthly fee of $250 or $500, respectively.

  • To pay the lowest cost (no interest mark up) and have payment flexibility, you can consider opening up a 0% APR credit card. Several members of the program have gone this route.

  • We have a third-party consulting group that is available to help match you with a funder, who can fund up to 100% of the program amount with flexible payment terms. If you'd like more information about this option, please submit an application and follow the next-steps in your confirmation email. 
  • The program is a tax deduction, which means you can write off the cost at the end of the year.
  • Please keep in mind that payment plans are NOT a membership or subscription that can be paused or cancelled. After the two-week refund period has passed, you're committing to making follow up payments as scheduled. You are able to pay off the balance of your payment plan at any time. If you choose to do so, we will remove the interest mark-up on the balance.

How My Program Compares: 


Dream Practice Academy (Premier) vs. Other Training Programs


2-Week Full Refund Guarantee


This program will change the course of your career and can deliver MULTIPLES back to you on your original investment. I know that. 


I feel so confident in my program that I offer a 2-week full refund guarantee. This means if you change your mind within the first 14 days of joining – for any reason – I will give you a full refund. No questions asked. 


My goal isn't to trick you into paying me a bunch of money and not getting a result. My goal is to provide you so much value and so much return on investment that you you feel joining my program was the best move you've ever made for your career.

Rather than try to sell you on every potential benefit, I’d rather get you INSIDE my program so you can see for yourself how valuable it is.


Pricing - April 2022*

*Pricing subject to change as the demand and capacity of the program increases.



  • Pay In Full - $5,800
  • 3-Month Plan - 3 monthly payments of $2,127
  • 6-Month Plan -  6 monthly payments of $1,111



  • Pay In Full - $7,800
  • 3-Month Plan - 3 monthly payments of $2,860
  • 6-Month Plan -  6 monthly payments of $1,495

Join the Career Mentorship Program 

  1. Submit your credit card authorization form here

  2. Email Kate ([email protected]) and me ([email protected]) with your preferred payment plan


Once payment is received you will have immediate access to all of the content listed above!

Welcome to your pivotal moment


Are you ready to positively change the trajectory of your career and build your dream practice?  


Listen, life is too short to not always be learning and growing. It’s too short to not do what you love. If starting a private practice is your DREAM, then why not start now, and why opt to do it alone? 

When you’re starting a business (yes, private practice is a business) it can feel like you’re standing in front of Mt. Everest with just a chisel and a gallon of water. 

What’s your strategy to get to the top? Are you going to figure it out all alone, trusting that you’ll have enough time and the right resources available to figure it out? Will you enjoy enduring the journey all alone?

Or are you going to join the master guide, who’s climbed Mt. Everest over 100 times, who is fully equipped with only the MOST IMPORTANT gear to get you to the top and has every move strategically mapped out with ACTION steps that takes the mystery and uncertainty out of the process?

You get my point. 

If your application is approved you will receive an email to schedule a free Strategy Session with me. During the call we’ll have the opportunity to meet each other and discuss further how my program can apply to your specific vision and goals for your practice.

Ready to Transform Your Career?

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