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Grief & Mourning: A Path to Wholeness After Loss

with Elana Miller, MD

A 5-part video course led by integrative psychiatrist and 2X cancer survivor Dr. Elana Miller aimed to help you find purpose and meaning in life after loss

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5 Video Lessons 

Each lesson includes coping strategies specific to a category of grief, including:

- Loss of a person

- Loss of a relationship

- Loss of circumstances

- The difference between grief and depression

And more...

 Each video delivers a "punch" with a practical strategies you can use immediately. 

Grief Prompts 

Each video lesson is paired with a free PDF download that outlines the lesson summary and reflection questions to apply these teachings to your personal situation, today.

Bonus Content:

Grief is often accompanied with anxiety & depression. This course also includes 2 bonus lessons specific to coping with anxiety & depression. 

“The goal isn't to figure out how to get back to where you were, or to get back what you lost that can't be regained — it's to figure out how to walk the path you're on to the best of your ability.” 

Let's talk about grief.


Grief is often the price we pay for loving one another. Without love, there is no grief and there is no mourning. Loss is painful because we cared so deeply about the person (or circumstance) we lost.


In that sense, grief can be a price we pay — not gladly, but at least with an open heart — for the blessing of having experienced the kind of love that hurts to be taken away. 


But still, we are left feeling depleted, numb, and wondering “what now?”  


That person or situation will never be replaced, but there is a path forward for you. Loss is the only guarantee we have in life -- and you still have the gift of a big, fulfilling, and meaningful life to live. Don't wait. 


But here’s the thing - it can take weeks, even months, to find a therapist or psychiatrist that you really mesh with. Someone who you trust that provides the right perspective, gives you a better way to think of things, and offers tools to begin your healing. 


What if you could start putting the pieces of your life back together right now, instead of months from now? 

Discover the 5-part video course that WILL shift your perspective and start your grief recovery today.

I'm ready to get started

Hi, I'm Elana Miller, MD.

I’m an integrative psychiatrist and 2x cancer survivor passionate about helping people use holistic approaches to reduce anxiety, cultivate joy, and live connected and meaningful lives.

I created this course as a culmination of the tried & true strategies I've used with my patients over the past 10 years —and with myself to help me rebuilt my life after cancer.

As Featured In: 

Do you find your mind stuck on these questions... 


“How do I find purpose in life again?”

“Is it possible that I will never move on?” 

“Will I ever feel happy again?”

“Why do I still feel this way 10 years later?”

“When will the moments of despair pass?”


You are not alone in this experience. 


There is an infinite number of paths and parallel journeys you could be on. You will end up on a certain path.


The goal isn't to figure out how to get back where you were, or to get back what you lost that can't be regained, it's to figure out how to walk the path you're on to the best of your ability


Packed inside this course are the video lessons and coping strategies created to move your life forward.


  • Rediscover your life purpose & meaning
  • Learn new coping skills to grieve the loss of a person, the loss of a circumstance, and the loss of a relationship 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your complex emotions and how to manage them through grief 
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A Path to Wholeness After Grief

What's Included in The Course

Video 1: My Grief Story  

When I was diagnosed with stage IV lymphoma at the age of 31, everything changed overnight. My grief story is about losing my health, a part of myself, and the idea of where I thought my life was going. It’s how I picked the pieces of my life back and and figured out a new path forward, one that was different than what I expected — but wonderful in its own way. 

Video 2: Grieving The Loss of a Person

Have you experienced the pain of losing someone special and important to you? Recovery may seem distant and impossible, and that's because you are actually grieving 2 things: the loss of the idea of your person, and their physical presence in your life. Understanding the complexity of this grief will help you on your recovery path forward. This lesson details the 4-step process to begin your path to wholeness after the loss of a person. 

Video 3: Grieving the Loss of a Circumstance 

You just lost a way of life you've always known... now what? You're on an entirely new path, learning to adapt, and facing new challenges and struggles you never expected. What if the wisdom, growth, and development you could cultivate from your loss could be on the brink of blooming, right now? This lesson will help you understand how to take the loss of a circumstance and transform it into something meaningful, that elevates you to a greater level of wisdom, so that you can see your new circumstances as an opportunity rather than a loss? 

Video 4: Grieving The Loss of a Relationship

A relationship break-up isn’t a failure. It’s a lesson (and blessing) to you. There was something you had to learn about yourself before you were ready to meet the person that you’re meant to be with. It's time you gave yourself permission to feel the pain without adding to your suffering. This lesson will teach you how to navigate your emotions, gain new perspective, and move on. 

Video 5: The Difference Between Grief & Depression

Grief introduces complicated emotions that can stay with us for awhile. In the midst of grieving, it can be difficult to understand if what you're experiencing are "normal" signs of grief, complicated bereavement, or clinical depression. This video lesson explains the difference between each, and how to seek help at each stage.


Coping Strategies for Anxiety & Depression


You vs. The Universe 

($50 VALUE)

The You vs. The Universe exercise is designed to teach you how to identify and focus on the problems in your life that are within your control, and how to let the rest go.  


Box Theory

($70 VALUE)

The Box Theory technique helps you cope in moments where life feels completely overwhelming. It helps transition you from an unbalanced mind to a balanced mind. Grab your pen & paper -- this is interactive!


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A Path To Wholeness After Loss


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