Master Your Private Practice Business Plan, Learn Integrative Psychiatry, and Build Your Dream Career Making the Kind of Impact that Transforms Your Patients' Lives.  


A Psychiatry Career Mentorship Program that teaches you how to offer highly effective integrative psychiatric care and build wealth authentically while surrounded by a community of like-minded practitioners.


Hi, I'm Elana Miller, MD

I'm an integrative psychiatrist and 2x cancer survivor passionate about combining Western medicine, Eastern wisdom, and holistic approaches to help people live fuller and happier lives.

I received my undergrad degree in Psychology from Harvard, my medical degree from USC (where I graduated with AOA honors) and my residency in psychiatry from UCLA, where I was nominated as a UCLA Exceptional Physician.

I also teach early career psychiatrists on how to build successful cash-based integrative private practices in my mentorship program.

Who It's For: 

The Career Mentorship Program is for you if you’re a:

  • PGY4 within 6 months of graduating residency, psychiatry fellow, or practicing psychiatrist
  • Family medicine physician with at least ONE year experience treating psychiatric conditions
  • PMHNP or Psychiatric PA with at least TWO years of post-graduation full-time clinical experience
  • FNP with at least THREE years of full-time experience treating psychiatric conditions

who wants to offer highly effective integrative care that treats patients as a whole while building your skillset as a clinician. You feel limited, unfulfilled, and burnt out by traditional psychiatric standards and seek a career full of growth, autonomy, and potential. 

You’re already an excellent clinician, but you need practical guidance on how to build a successful private practice while also learning integrative psychiatry – yes, I can show you how to do BOTH at the same time. You also understand the value of investing in a mentor who has done this before and who can help you fast track the process.  

If this is you, you’re probably struggling with: deciding if you need invest in another fellowship or more formal training, which professional services and softwares to invest in, how to attract your dream patients, and how to set cash-based fees – basically how to be an excellent clinician AND an entrepreneur.


What It Helps You Achieve:

  • Complete autonomy over the types of patients you see, when you see them, and what you charge WITHOUT burning out 
  • Differentiate yourself so you can command high cash-only fees that other psychiatrists will think are insane
  • Master the marketing process so you have an endless stream of patients who are a good fit for you and able and willing to pay your fees
  • Learn how to offer integrative psychiatry care that your patients desperately want WITHOUT dropping $40k on a fellowship
  • Surround yourself with a community of like-minded practitioners who are learning and growing along side of you 
  • Treat patients in a way that you can feel proud of, knowing that our standard-of-care treatment approaches are imperfect and will most certainly change and evolve in the decades to come


What Members Are Saying ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Why do something alone when you can do it better, faster, and more joyfully – with the right help?


How It Works 

The Career Mentorship gives you everything you need to achieve private practice success:

  • Content: 3-month video training curriculum with step-by-step directions on everything from business systems and marketing strategies to implementing integrative protocols with patients 
  • Resources: Get all the tools needed to set up your admin, build your marketing, and optimize your practice 
  • Community: Network and learn from a growing community of psychiatrists, psych NPs, FNPs, and family medicine doctors across the country 
  • Coaching: 2x monthly Q&A group calls to ask questions and get answers in real time
  • Support: Get direct support via our private community forum or message with me directly  

Over 90+ integrative providers across 43 states and 3 countries (and growing!)


How To Get Started 

If you're serious about starting your own cash-based private practice within the next 3-6 months and are a: 

  • PGY4 within 6 months of graduating residency, psychiatry fellow, or practicing psychiatrist
  • Family medicine physician with at least ONE year experience treating psychiatric conditions
  • PMHNP or Psychiatric PA with at least TWO years of post-graduation full-time clinical experience
  • FNP with at least THREE years of full-time experience treating psychiatric conditions

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