Build your dream (cash-pay) integrative psychiatry private practice 


I'll show you in less than ONE HOUR how I learned integrative psychiatry, carved out a niche to attract my DREAM patients, and built a highly successful private practice -- and how you can do it, too.

Are you ready to stop living in a week-to-week cycle of burnout and start thinking about the long game of your psychiatry career?


You’re about to discover how to master a cash-based private practice business plan, learn integrative psychiatry, and build your dream career making the kind of impact that transforms your patients’ lives…


Here’s what I’ll be teaching you in this free training: 

  • The problem with the “traditional” approach to psychiatry, and how integrative psychiatry combines the best of both worlds
  • How to start learning integrative psychiatry now, without dropping $40k on a fellowship 
  • Applying integrative protocols: how I treat patients on the bipolar spectrum (you’ll also get access to my bipolar spectrum illness protocol) 
  • How to avoid making 75% of the most common mistakes other psychiatrists make when starting their private practices 
  •  The cash-pay fees I charge and how much you can make in private practice
  • How to market yourself so you have an endless stream of patients who are a good fit for you, and are able and willing to pay your cash fees



"I love that you don't make us feel guilty for wanting a high income for our skillset. I have felt that and don't share my goals with others in the academic setting because of anticipated pushback. You integrate that desire wonderfully into the ethos of ethically building our practices.”

- Dr. Agam D., MD | Career Mentorship Member


"You deliver interesting and useful information on a wide variety of topics which I have not seen delivered anywhere else in as clear of a format. I am interested in using as many tools as possible to improve patient well-being and the integrative approach you present matches with that."

- Francesca M., PMHNP | Career Mentorship Member

 "Learning from you has really helped me launch my practice lot faster, and with more confidence. It’s so helpful to learn from someone who’s already done it.”

- Dr. Nida S., MD | Career Mentorship Member

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If the webinar resonates with you, you'll have an opportunity to learn more about my career mentorship programs.


Integrative Psychiatry Incubator: Building Blocks for a Future Practice

My masterclass-style program for building the foundation of your integrative medicine skill set and future private practice

This program is for:

  • Psychiatry PGY 1-3s or PGY 4s with > 3 months until graduation
  • PMHNPs or Psychiatric PAs with less than 2 years post-grad psychiatry experience
  • FNPs or PAs with less than 3 years experience treating psychiatric conditions

The Dream Practice Academy: Build Your Integrative Psychiatry Private Practice

My flagship mentorship program for building your successful private practice and becoming a highly-effective integrative provider 

This program is for: 

  • Practicing psychiatrists
  • Practicing Family Medicine or Internal Medicine physicians
  • PGY4s within 3 months of graduating residency
  • PMHNPs or Psychiatric PAs with 2+ years post-grad psychiatry experience
  • FNPs or PAs with 3+ years experience treating psychiatric conditions

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